Obtaining The Best Handheld Shower Head: A Helpful Buying Guide

Best Handheld Shower Head

As of recent, sales for shower heads have doubled over the following months. Buying a new shower head doesn't only provide a safer way to shower, but it also lowers your energy bills and adds value to your bathroom. That's why you need to invest in a shower head immediately.

This review will detail the best top rated handheld shower heads in today's market. We advise you to look over each shower head to see which one suits you the most. No matter which one you buy, you're going to have a fully functional shower head that everyone in your home will love.

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Why Should You Choose Your Handheld Shower Head Carefully

First-time buyers tend to ask "Which handheld shower head is the best for me?"

The answer to this question will depend on your own preferences. Things such as living conditions and the architectural structure of your shower will be taken into consideration when getting your first shower head.

With so many handheld shower heads in stores, it's easy to become confused on which one to buy. You don't want to waste money on a handheld shower head that doesn't fit your bathroom. Because of this fact, you need to check the dimensions of your shower to ensure that it will fit correctly.

By carefully choosing your shower head, you'll know how to optimize it and use it effectively. Read below to see certain aspects you should consider when searching for your first shower head.

est Handheld Shower Heads

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Handheld Shower Head

Before buying a shower head, there are some things you should take into consideration.

Water Pressure

The water pressure of your shower head is measured in GPM (gallons per minute). The higher the GPM number, the higher the water pressure.

Warning: To save energy, opt for a shower head with a GPM rating of 2.5 or lower. Anything above that rating is above the regulated water pressure settings that have been established by Water Sense. If you do plan on getting a shower head that has high water pressure, expect to pay a little extra on your monthly bill.

Water Efficient Models

As we stated earlier, you should get a handheld shower head that's up to Water Sense's standards. Water Sense is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) system whose goal is to promote water efficient shower heads.

Check for the Water Sense seal if you want to know if your shower head is water efficient. Water Sense shower heads are known to use 20% less water, perform better, and saves energy. Most of the shower heads on this list are accepted by Water Sense, so not only are you saving water, but you're saving money as well.


Understanding your handheld shower settings is important for first time buyers. Here is a short table of the most common shower head nozzle settings:

Shower Nozzle Setting


Power Spray

This mode increases the water spray's force. Some models offer a concentrated power spray which is good for rinsing out thick hair.

Full Body Spray

Delivers a full spray of water throughout the shower and maximizes warmth and coverage.

Misting Spray

Creates fine water droplets for a soft and gentle mist spray experience.

Rain Shower

Provides the most coverage by producing a drenching, rain like shower spray.

Water Saving Spray

When you need to lather up or shave, water saving sprays decrease the amount of water. Use this setting if you need to save money and conserve water.

Massage Spray

The massage spray varies the water flow to stimulate a massaging experience. Certain types include twin massaging, circular, and pulsating.

Unique Features

Look for some of these features to ensure that your shower head works and grants you the most utility:

Rubber Grip

Hand held shower heads with a rubber grip makes it easier to hold especially when it's wet. An arm extender will allow for taller users to raise the shower held to assist them during showering.

Bendable Nozzles

Shower heads with this feature prevent the build up of lime scale. To remove the lime scale, move the nozzle once in a while to remove small particles and bits of lime scale from the tub.

 Shower heads


Diverters allow for traditional and handheld shower heads to be used simultaneously. Thus, giving you multiple configuration options.


Here is a table of the types of designs and fixtures your handheld shower head can have.

Shower Head Setting



Have an antique, satin, or a high gloss finish and good for traditional décor. These showerheads have a lifetime finish and can resist wear and damage.

Stainless Steel

Gives a modern and attractive appearance. Stainless Steel fixtures don't show their water spots.


Bronze fixtures complement neutral colors and deliver a rustic look. It may be brushed, polished, or have a dark oil rubbed look that's resistant to tarnishing, corrosion, and scratches.


Has a satin or brushed look and is durable and stylish in appearance. Try to get a unit with a titanium finish to decrease the amount of tarnish and scratching.


Chrome fixtures tend to have a brushed, matte, or polished finish. They are easy to clean, economical, and are durable. But, they do tend to show the most water marks than the other metals on this list.

Best Shower Head And Handheld Combo

Here is our recommendation for the best shower heads on the market.

Winner: Hydroluxe Handheld Shower Head


  • 3 Zone Click Lever Dial
  • 4 Inch Chrome Face
  • 5 Nozzle Settings: Massage, Stay-Warm Mist, Power Rain, Pause, and Energy Efficient Rain
  • 24 Combined water spraying patterns
  • ·Brass Hose Nuts for easy tightening


Starting off our review is the Hydroluxe Handheld Shower Head. It's regarded as one of the best dual shower head with handheld capabilities. With five main nozzles, you have over 24 spraying combinations to give you a clean and relaxing shower. Buy this product on Amazon at a price about $29.

Enjoy the luxury of this fully functional shower head. The Hydroluxe Handheld Shower Head comes in a stylish chrome finish which will look good in any bathroom. While it's internal compartments is made of plastic, you can't tell the difference a from a feet away. Thus, making it a great showerhead if its your first time buying.

Another feature we liked was the removable flow limiter. It releases water at a speed of 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute) If you want a more water pressure, we suggest that you remove the flow limiter. Doing this will increase the water flow rate and give you a relaxing, more powerful shower.

We also noticed the ability to switch between the two shower heads with ease. The Hydroluxe Handheld Shower Head makes it easy to switch from the handheld shower head, the fixed shower head, or use both. Turn the knob on the bracket and watch as the shower heads change effortlessly.

Hydroluxe Showerhead In Use Review


Some models have an issue with cleaning their jets. But with the Hydroluxe Handheld Shower Head, the jets are made of rubber; meaning that they can be easily cleaned. All you have to do is wipe the jets with your hand for a few seconds, and it will remain clean.

And, the Hydroluxe Handheld Shower Head has an overhead bracket. The bracket works by allowing users to adjust the shower head to the angle that they desire. Get this shower head if you want a device that can be moved to any position you need it to.

Unfortunately, there have been a few consumer complaints. Shoppers claim that the shower head leaks from the part where the head connects to the face of the nozzle. This lowers the water pressure and the effectiveness of the nozzle. Luckily, the device is backed by a 1 year warranty if this problem occurs.

After testing it, we believe that the Hydroluxe Handheld Shower Head is the best handheld dual shower head around. It has a versatile range of combinations to choose from and is designed to give you a high-quality shower. Purchase this shower head today if you want to enhance your experience the next time you shower.

Runner Up: Ana Bath Shower Head


  • 2.31 GPM
  • 60 Inch Hose
  • Brushed Nickel Finish
  • 3-Way Diverter


Next is the Ana Bath Shower Head. It's better than the competition not only because of its multiple settings but because of its additional hand held head that helps smaller users such as children shower properly. It's found on Amazon at a price around $62.

One feature that makes this dual shower head stand out is its 60-inch flexible hose. It's able to reach anywhere in the shower, eliminating soap rings that are found in the tub. Quickly spray the hose around the shower, and your tub will look as good as the day you purchased it.

The device has a water flow rate of 2.35 GPM. This is a huge advantage over its competitors because it saves the environment and reduces your energy bill. Users like this feature as it allows them to shower without wasting water.

Despite its intricate and complex design, the Ana Bath Shower Head is easy to install. Start by removing the old shower head and adding Teflon tap to the new shower arm. Attach it to a 3-way diverter, add the washers onto the device. Lastly, add the shower hose conical nut to the handheld shower.

We also like the beautiful nickel finish. It's not as specific as bronze shower heads and doesn't have a glare like polished chrome. It's at a healthy medium.

Ana Bath 5 Inch 5 Function Handheld Shower full view.

source: anabath.com

This dual shower head looks great in any home and is another reason why you should buy this product.

The Ana Bath Shower Head delivers a great amount of pressure when using both heads.

It can be hard for two showerheads to provide the same amount of water simultaneously.

But, with this device, its engineered to produce a changeless water pressure.


However, you might want to watch out for the lack of setting variation. Also, some consumers did not like the constant leaking from the device after showering. Consider getting a replacement if this problem occurs to you.

Despite the minor issues, the Ana Bath Shower Head is the best water saving handheld shower head in the market. It saves energy, is easy to assemble, and gives you a high-end shower that other products fail to provide. Get this shower head today if you want a relaxing shower head that works every time that you use it.

Best High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

Here is our recommendation for the best high-pressure hand held shower.

Winner: Delta Faucet Handheld Shower Head


  • 7 Spray Settings
  • Simple Installation
  • Anti-clog nozzles
  • 6-foot hose


If you're on a budget and want a high-quality shower head, the Delta Faucet Handheld Shower Head is exactly what you're looking for. It has over 7 different spray settings (i.e. It has a "drizzle nozzle" for fast spraying), giving the user a lot of options when the shower head is in use. It's currently being sold on Amazon at a price about $29.

The handheld design makes it easy to use and maneuver around in your bathroom. For example, it gives users the freedom to direct the flow wherever they want it to go. You should look into this shower head if you want something that moves as desired after you get in the shower.

You never have to worry about an uneven shower spray again with this device. The Delta Faucet Shower Head has nozzles that are made of hard plastic and soft rubber making it very easy to clean. Instead of wasting your time using vinegar and soap to remove germs, this shower head can be cleaned with a small wash cloth.

Washing your pets is always a difficult task, but it has to be done. With the Delta Faucet Shower Head, it's light enough to wash them in one hand while holding the shower head in another. Thus, making this product a great choice for pet owners.

Delta Faucet 75700

For the energy conservatives, this is the right shower head for you. It's a Water Sense certified shower head, meaning that it shoots water at a rate of 2.0 GPM.

This means that it will shoot out water at a steady pace while also saving you over 2900 gallons of water annually.

The 6-foot hose is a huge advantage for the Delta Faucet Shower Head. It's a foot longer than competing hand held shower heads in the market.


This allows you to wash your body without placing tension on the hose completely.

But there's one issue that consumers continuously griped about. Despite the long hose length, it feels stiff when using it. This makes it hard to move around as freely as other devices. While it's a powerful shower head, it does lack the mobility that's advertised.

Honestly, the Delta Shower Head is the best shower head for users on a small budget. It's energy efficient, which drastically lowers your monthly water bill. For users wanting a shower head that performs well and is at a modest price, they should get the Delta Faucet Shower Head.

Runner Up: Moen 26100 Shower Head


  • 6 Nozzle Settings
  • 2.5 GPM
  • Magnetix Docking System
  • Chrome Finish
  • Kink Free Metal Hose


Fourth on our list is the Moen 26100 Shower Head. Moen designed it to look like a classic shower head, that's what makes it appealing to most people. If you want a shower head that has a retro look and still works as good as its modern counterparts, you can buy it on Amazon at a price around $87.

First off, the shower head's main feature is its magnetic shower holder. No longer do you have to waste time struggling to place the shower head back where it came from. With this feature, you'll be able to snap the shower head back in place once you're finished using it.

Beyond its looks, the Moen Shower Head has multiple functions that come with the device. For example, it has some functional spray nozzles such as its rain and massage feature. These settings are easily toggled by twisting the shower head in a clockwise manner and gives the user a lot of utility once used.

Moen 26100 Magnetix Handheld Shower Head .


The water pressure is just perfect for this device. Shoppers recommended this shower head because it's 2.5 GPM rating shoots water at a fast, yet efficient rate. You'll like this shower head if you want something delivers water while remaining comfortable to use.

If you need a compact shower head, this is a perfect choice. It weighs 1.7 pounds, making it very easy to carry for smaller users. For senior citizens who need a shower head that's not too heavy on the hands and is safe, the Moen 26100 Shower Head is worth your money.

People across the board disliked the shower head's low durability. On average, it has a life span of 6 weeks before it starts to show gaps in its quality. If this situation occurs to you, you should get it replaced immediately.

Still, this is the best moen handheld shower head that money can buy. It's efficient, and its Magnetix feature helps smaller users attach the shower head back to its respectable place. You should get this shower head if you're serious about having a great luxurious shower in the comfort of your own home.

Best Oil Rubbed Bronze Handheld Shower Head

Finally, here is our choice for the best oil rubbed bronze handheld shower head.

ShowerMaxx Handheld Shower Head


  • High-Pressure Water Flow
  • Flow Restrictor
  • Multiple Mode Accessible Settings
  • 4.2 Foot Hose
  • Adjustable Ball Joint


Last on our review is the ShowerMaxx Handheld Shower Head. It consists of a premium quality ABS material that increases its durability and prevents it from breaking when dropped. Buy this on Amazon at a price about $35.

The ShowerMaxx has over six different settings that give users the variety they need. Also, it allows you to choose the water pressure intensity that's right for you. The settings range from power massage, rainfall spray, circular massage, rainfall + circular massage, rainfall + shower massage, and a water trickle economy mode.

It comes with a handheld shower head with a pre-installed filter disk. Besides, it has a stretchable hose that's of high quality and durability and extends up to 6 feet. Since it comes with these accessories, you won't have a problem installing and using this shower head to the best of its ability.

The elegant chrome finish gives the ShowerMaxx an interesting appearance and allows users to see their own reflection. Plus, the chrome enhances the durability of the device by preventing it from getting to rust. Look into this device if you want a long lasting shower head that also looks great in your bathroom.

ShowerMax Functions Review

source : showermaxx.com


While the device does have a low water spray nozzle, there are more energy friendly features than that. For example, it has a removable flow resistor. This helps you increase or decrease the flow to your liking. We suggest getting this device if you want the maximum amount of control over your shower's water pressure.

We'd also like to mention the quick installation this shower head provides. On average, it takes users at least 30 minutes to install the device. Users reported that the instruction manual is easy to read and gives an another reason why this shower head is perfect for first-time buyers.

You will run across one problem when using this shower head. There's been a widespread disapproval of the device's tendency to leak often. Check and maintain the shower head frequently to prevent this problem from happening.

Mainly, the ShowerMaxx Shower Head is the only thing you'll need. With over six settings and energy efficient features, it's miles ahead of the competition. Overall, you should get this device as it makes next trip to the shower pleasant and comfortable one.

The Verdict

As we conclude this buying guide, we've decided which shower head worth your investment. The Delta Faucet Shower Head is the winner. It looks good in almost any bathroom set up and delivers water at your own desired pace. We suggest that you buy this shower head today to give your bathroom a nice upgrade.

Which of these products do you like the most?

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Happy Buying!

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