Hydroluxe Shower Head Review

Hydroluxe Shower Head Review

Shower heads come in multiple styles and usability options. And the Hydroluxe Showerhead is no different. Equipped with 5 settings that can be adjusted for 24 overall settings, there's no limit to what this device can do.

Read this review to see why this shower head has a high rating on Amazon's consumer reviews. This shower head helps users complete multiple tasks such as washing their children, pets, and other objects.

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About The Product


  • 3 Way Water Diverter
  • Rub Clean Jets
  • Consists of ABS Steel
  • Adjustable Overhead Bracket
  • Easily Installation
Hydroluxe Showerhead Front Review


The Hydroluxe Showerhead offers the comfort that every homeowner deserves. For instance, it has over 24 different nozzle settings all wrapped into one extremely durable and versatile shower head. It's found on Amazon at a price about $30.

First things first, the Hydroluxe Showerhead comes 5 full settings to help users get the most out of their showering experience. Choose from power massage, wide rain, eco mist, stay warm mist, and if you want to save water, there's a pause mode made just for you.

It sounds confusing at first, but it has 24 functions that come from the 5 different settings. For instance, you can make the handheld wand have a mixture of wide rain and power massage. Also, you can have the fixed shower head have a mix between eco rain and pause mode. Hydroluxe is a perfect tool to have because of its multiple setting choices.

The Hydroluxe's chrome finish isn't anything new, but makes for a polished and well-designed shower head. The polished chrome gives it a modern appearance and enhances a dull looking bathroom. Get this product if you want a showerhead that's functional and is a great addition to your bathroom.

Hydroluxe Showerhead Features Review

When it comes to mobility, the Hydroluxe Showerhead has a 5 ft flexible hose. The hose gives users the complete freedom of moving the hose. It's great for washing your pets as you'll be able to wash them with one hand and using your freehand to hold them in place. Thus, giving users a completely operational showerhead to assist them in any cleaning situation.

One thing that sets the Hydroluxe Showerhead apart from the competition is its overhead bracket. Competing devices have a ball joint at the base. With the overhead bracket, users can position the Hydroluxe Showerhead in any angle they want to provide maximum coverage when they shower.

Despite the showerhead having a nice chrome finish, holding the device is a different story. Some users complained that the plastic covering doesn't have that solid feel that other showerheads tend to have. Due to its low build quality, the showerhead tends to have a lower lifespan than other devices.

Overall, the Hydroluxe Showerhead is perfect for people who never experienced a dual head showerhead before. With its 5 settings, you can mix them to have over 24 different ways to clean your body. Purchase this showerhead if you want to clean in a fast, efficient, and luxurious way.

Buying Advice

Before buying this amazing product, here is some buying advice from us.


Showerheads come in various finishes to match the appearance of your bathroom. The most popular types are chrome, brass, bronze, and brushed nickel. Look for a finish that's rust resistant to ensure that you get a shower head that's durable.

Flow rate

Get a low flow shower head for increased energy savings. According to government laws and regulations, the largest flow rate a shower head can have is up to 2.5 gallons per minute. Its pressure level is at a rating of 80 PSI (pounds per square inch).

Installation Type

Depending on your plumbing set-up, shower heads can be either ceiling mounted or wall mounted. Most rainfall shower heads are mounted to the ceiling to produce a realistic rain effect.

Remember, replacing 50% of the showerheads you'll see is a simple DIY project. Remove the old showerhead via a wrench and remove the old plumber's tape that's attached to it. After that, apply new plumber's tape over the new threads for a better seal. Lastly, screw the new shower head in place.

However, some multi jet showerheads will require a professional plumber to assist you with installing the device. Also, low water pressure found in your home can weaken the stream from your shower head. Get a plumber to help you in either adjusting or increasing the pressure regulator to help improve the flow.

Aerating Showerheads

Through mixing water with air, aerating shower heads create a misty spray to provide a substantial amount of water flow. On certain models that we've tested, the aeration reduced the water levels from 5 to 20 degrees F. Fortunately; the Hydroluxe Showerhead has a setting that provides the same misty spray that Aerating Showerheads have.

Saving Water

Showering takes up about 17% of all the water usage in the US alone. On average, you're using at least 30 gallons of water a day when you shower. Due to this, the Federal Energy Management Act in 1992 required new shower fixtures to have a maximum flow rate of 2.5 gallons a minute.

You should look for a showerhead that doesn't take too much water when in use. This saves you energy and money in the long run. With the Hydroluxe Showerhead, users report a reduction in their water bills due to its ability to switch to a low water pressure. Thus, making it a fully energy conservant shower head.

Hydroluxe Showerhead In Use Review

Digital Controls

To get a multi-sensory experience, you should invest in a shower head that offers digital controls. It allows you to program your shower controls and regulates flow intensity, ambient lighting, music, and temperature. To get this feature installed, get help from a digital wiring professional.

Closing Thoughts

To conclude, you can't go wrong with the Hyrdroluxe Showerhead. With over 24 different settings, this shower head is versatile and gives you a wide range of options while showering. Purchase the Hydroluxe Showerhead today to get the luxurious showering experience that you deserve.

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